50CM- Anatomy Human Torso – 11 Pieces


50CM- Anatomy Human Torso – 11 Pieces



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50cm Anatomy Human Torso

Lift up the lungs and there’s the heart .

Includes a full color instruction guide.
The model is 50cm high.
Ages 8+ years

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50CM- Anatomy Human Torso – 11 Pieces: Accurate torso model featuring 11 anatomical parts. Ideal for demonstrating the position of internal organs. Pieces include a sectioned brain, two-piece heart, and head with inside detail, two lung halves, liver, stomach, intestine, and torso. This 11 part, 50cm sexless human torso shows all the major body systems. Many anatomical features are numbered or lettered, which can be identified using the accompanying key card.
Use the torso model to demonstrate the scale of internal organs and their position in relation to each other. Manufactured from unbreakable plastic with hand finished coloring. This model differs from many commonly available, as it has stainless steel locating dowels, instead of plastic, making it more robust. Includes detailed teachers’ notes. Great teaching aid for children to learn about human anatomy and the different organs and their functions in the human body. It illustrates the human body clearly with a base. It shows the relative positions, morphological characters and anatomical structures of the head, neck and internal organs.

Lift up the lungs and there’s the heart. Where does the liver go? Children find out with this hands-on model! They will develop an understanding of anatomy as they take apart the body and examine the organs. They can find out where all the organs are in our bodies and how they interact with each other. The torso has 11 detachable plastic pieces and is hand-painted in vivid and natural colors. The base is made of ABS and the set comes with a fully illustrated color instruction manual. The model measures 50cm high.

What is a human torso?
The torso or trunk is an anatomical term for the central part of the human body from which extends the neck and limbs. The torso includes the thorax and the abdomen.
Applicable to schools, hospital, in physical health teaching, can be used as a teaching of physical health knowledge of the visual aids, so as to deepen the understanding of the structure of the human organ

Ages 8+ years.

Learn more about body parts and human anatomy.



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