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Balloon aircraft balloon helicopter


Balloon aircraft balloon helicopter



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Perfect educational toys for kids.

Easy to install and improve kids’ manipulative ability.

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Balloon aircraft balloon helicopter is perfect educational toys for kids.

Easy to install and improve kids’ manipulative ability.

Colorful and beautiful appearance can stimulate kid’s brain and thought .

Assemble these blocks with your children and make wonderful memories together.

How it works: Blow up the balloon. Attach the balloon to the escaping air nozzle as shown above. Next, attach the nozzle to the rotor blades of the helicopter.  Since the blades are angled, the child can view this principle by watching the helicopter rise as the blades spin.

A balloon helicopter is a flying toy consisting of a latex toy balloon and a plastic propeller, derived from the simple balloon rocket. The most important feature is the hollow propeller hub which directs air into a passage in each propeller blade. The air passages channel air to the blade tips such that air escapes in a fine jet tangentially. The air jets on the blade tips causes the entire toy to spin, the blades have a positive angle of attack so the blades experience a lifting force as they push air downwards. Full-scale helicopters have been built around this tip jet configuration


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