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ENG Pico Spinners Assortment


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ENG Pico Spinners Assortment

ENG Pico Spinners Assortment

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Each of the 4 sets of the Pico Spinners contain a special spinner support component, a printed color disk and a library of standard engino parts…

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ENG Pico Spinners Assortment: ENG Pico Spinners Assortment have always been a favourite toy of children. Engino Toys- Australia developed this new series of colourful Spinners, where creativity meets fun! Each of the 4 sets of the Pico Spinners contains a special spinner support component, a printed colour disk and a library of standard Engino parts. Two models can be created from each set and when all sets are combined 6 bonus models can be assembled! Instructions for the combination models can be found on Engino website. Best price on switched on kids for all educational toys.


Learning basic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) skills is a cinch with our lightning-quick Pico Spinners.


Young learners explore the physics of motion and develop hand-eye coordination and key spatial thinking skills as they snap together shiny, colourful parts around the spinner support to make a fully functional spinner.


ENG Pico Spinners Assortment: Each Pico Spinner model kit comes with instructions to build 2 models, guaranteeing hours of creative play. Collect all 4 sets and you can build 6 awesome bonus models!


Buy all 4 sets and make planes, helicopters and a lot of designs that you can think of.


How does science toys add value to the kids learning?


Key Features:

  • Snap-fit connectivity in any direction and angle.

  • Easy-to-follow building instructions.

  • All parts are non-toxic and made to last.

Recommended Age:

Age: 03 to 13 +

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