Human Skeleton Model


Human Skeleton ModelHuman Skeleton ModelHuman Skeleton ModelHuman Skeleton Model
Human Skeleton Model
Human Skeleton Model
Human Skeleton Model
Human Skeleton Model
Human Skeleton Model

Human Skeleton Model

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Human Skeleton Model: – 9.5? model with 46 pieces and a display stand…

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Human Skeleton Model


9.5 model with 46 pieces and a display stand.


Illustrated assembly guide included.


Learning guide included with the description of the anatomy and how a human skeleton works along with some fun questions to test your knowledge!


Human Skeleton Model : Build your own human anatomy model of the skeleton! Cross-section shows structure in detail and is a perfect educational tool.


A nice addition to curriculum for teaching animal science or any child’s science fair project related to human anatomy. Collect the series and have your own human anatomy museum!


Visualize how the human skeleton is constructed with this great 46 piece model. When constructed, each joint is articulated, and the bones up the right hand side of the model (see picture) are color coded to show the muscle origins and insertions. It is also accompanied by a small booklet that describes the human skeleton and the different sections visible in the model, as well as some general factoids which are pretty interesting.


The information in the booklet and the model itself, make it a great item for the budding biologist, doctor or interested child. It would be a great addition to the class room or bedroom of an interested student.


Human Skeleton Model : Inside of the human body is a fascinating world of scientific research and riveting discoveries. Human skeleton is such a heavy-duty part, real base of this inner world! The realistic looking Human Skeleton Model by Learning Resources is an excellent science toy introducing the anatomy of the human body to the children.


Human Skeleton Model Toy : Learn the names of the main skeleton parts and their place in our body. The skeleton model set features skull, rib cage, humerus, spinal column, radius, ulna, hand, pelvis, femur, tibia, fibula, foot and partial circulatory system. Your children will find about the look and the function.


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