Mechanics Laboratory


Mechanics LaboratoryMechanics LaboratoryMechanics Laboratory
Mechanics Laboratory
Mechanics Laboratory
Mechanics Laboratory
Mechanics Laboratory

Mechanics Laboratory

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Mechanics Laboratory: Discover the world of mechanics and engineering and learn its secrets.

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Mechanics Laboratory


An extremely well-equipped laboratory where the principles of mechanics and engineering can be learned in an entertaining way. Discover the world of mechanics and engineering and learn its secrets with the Mechanics Lab – Emergency Vehicles!


The game contains more than 250 components with which 50 constructions of increasing complexity can be created.


It is even possible to build a helicopter, a motorized crane and a car with an electric engine in which a child can move the gear stick and steering wheel!


The large illustrated scientific manuals will guide the child through the various stages of assembly, which can be done in complete safety.


The concept, design, development, and manufacture are entirely Made In Italy and produced under license from the Science Museum.


The Mechanics Laboratory is not just a construction toy system but a creative workshop that allows children and young people from 7-8 years old to learn the basic principles of mechanics and physics.
Illustrated manuals describe the assembly steps for each model making it possible to build ever more complex machines and understand the application of individual components in real life. What is a lever? What is it for? Where do we find them in everyday life? Let’s find out together with the Technologic Science kits.


Clementoni’s Techno-Logic Laboratories range was inspired by STEM, a teaching methodology that helps children to develop critical thinking and problem-solving through the study and practical application of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.


STEM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Mathematics) is an acronym that first arose in the United States. Its purpose is to provide students with the skills, knowledge, and experience to enable them to address the technological challenges of the future!


Batteries required: 4 x AA (not included).


Build something brilliant in the mechanic’s laboratory! A great gift for ages eight and up.


Recommended Age:


Cool present for 10 year olds and above


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