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The classic tin Kaleidoscope for kids, just twist and experience a vibrant light show.

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MEDIUM PRINTED KALEIDOSCOPE : Simply hold the kaleidoscope facing downward, and twist the end cap to create a different fractalized image with every turn. To enhance your experience, hold the end of up to different sources of light to bring out multitudes of rainbow colors.


The classic tin Kaleidoscope for kids, just twist and experience a vibrant light show.


Each turn creates a magical, intricate and iridescent mosaic that will dazzle and delight.


Made of metal for a timeless tin toy feel that is lacking in plastic and cardboard kaleidoscopes.


Educational and entertaining, fostering creativity, imagination and constant fascination.


Take a trip to another universe with our take on the classic kaleidoscope toy. Just turn the end cap and experience a never-ending symphony of shape and color.


Our kaleidoscope toy will provide endless entertainment, to anyone of any age. A perfect gift for kids, STEM learning, art projects and teaching symmetry.


Features many vibrant colors and playful shapes, while providing hours of fun for all ages – every view is a different experience!


The body is made of a hard durable cardboard material with a matte finish. The end cap is made of an ultra-strong plastic with an assortment of different shapes and colors of beads.


Kaleidoscopes are interesting and are lots of fun, just put the eye piece up to your eye then turn the lenses to create beautiful patterns. This engaging Tin Kaleidoscope by Key Kraft is a must have toy for any child.


Recommended Age:


Age: 3+




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