Mind Designer Robot


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Mind Designer Robot

Mind Designer Robot

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Mind Designer Robot  : Guide your child through the realms of mathematics and programming with Clementoni’s Mind Designer Robot.

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Mind Designer Robot


Guide your child through the realms of mathematics and programming with Clementoni’s Mind Designer Robot.


With its high-precision motors, the Mind Designer Robot draws pictures and geometrical shapes and can be controlled wither by the accompanying smartphone app, or through the robot’s on-board voice-recognition system. With the free mind designer app, your child can experiment with coding blocks and interactive code games, while the provided math mission and robotic maze boards are sure to provide you with hours of interactive fun.


The Mind Designer Robot is the new intelligent robot that introduces your child to coding and drawing, your child accompanies it to the discovery of arithmetic and geometry in an easy and fun way.


With the innovative integrated speech recognition Mind executes the commands that your child gives to him.


Using the exclusive free App, your child can experiment with coding robot  instruction blocks, create complex geometrical shapes and play with loads of original interactive code-games. Thanks to Bluetooth technology, Mind’s content is permanently updatable for limitless playability.


Like many males, N launched straight in while I read the instructions.  He went straight for the drawing in free mode.  Putting a pen in the hole on the top and placing the robot on a piece of the paper, you can draw either shapes or pictures.  We tried using the buttons to pick shapes, but N was more interested in doing it via the voice control.


For voice control, there are lists to tell you the shapes and what to say. The instructions are easy to follow and it doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to what you need to ask. At first, Mind wouldn’t do what N said, only my instructions, but N got the hang of it and then there was no stopping him.  He wasn’t impressed with the pictures of trees, fish and pencils to start with. They’re all shape based, so when he realized that restriction, he was happy again.


Included :


Mind Designer Robot – 12cm (l) x 10cm (h) x 13.5cm (w).


Double-Sided Board.


3 x Felt-Tip Pens.


10 x A3 Sheets of Paper.


Instruction Manual.


Recommended Age:


Suitable gift for 10 year old and above

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