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Mini Water Garden

Mini Water Garden

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Grow your own miniature water garden with this kit that uses only foam and water to grow clovers.

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Mini Water Garden


Mini Water Garden : Mini Water Garden will help you grow your own miniature water garden with this science kit that uses only foam and water to grow clovers. The water garden is amazing way to learn how plants grow in water. Water is full of minerals to feed the plant.


Plants need water. Water in the cells helps plants to grow and make food, makes leaves and stems firm (a plant that needs watering wilts), and carries minerals from the soil.


Planning a garden, planting the seeds and watching them grow give kids a sense of purpose and responsibility. … Furthermore, studies show that when children have contact with soil during activities like digging and planting, they have improved moods, better learning experiences and decreased anxiety



Plants also need food. As plants cannot eat in the same way as animals, plants have to create sugars, by something called photosynthesis.


Decorate your window sill, TV cabinet, passage with this Mini Water Garden.


One day while discussing the concept of chemical reactions, measurements like thermometer and scales with my daughter I was wondering if I could help her understand this with live examples, like baking a cake etc which makes it interesting for her. Trying to find out an experimental way to make my kid understand I got  chance to look at STEM toys for students at switchedonkids which was like a relief to me and quickly started searching for the best suitable toy of our requirement.


While trying to find out the best one, I realized that it contains plethora of stuff which quenches my need for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics related fun education.



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Age: 8+


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