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Physics And EngineeringPhysics And Engineering
Physics And Engineering
Physics And Engineering
Physics And Engineering

Physics and Engineering

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Physics and Engineering: A proper laboratory for all who want to become great scientists!

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Physics and Engineering


Physics and Engineering : A proper laboratory for all who want to become great scientists! So many experiments to try out while exploring the world of exact science! Let your aspiring young scientists have fun experimenting with chemical reactions in complete safety as this kit allows them to learn about chemistry and chemical reactions without harming themselves with toxic chemicals.


Physics deals with the fundamental forces of nature and how they interact. This awesome gift has a clear instruction book and tons of practical, hands-on experiments that demonstrate the principles that govern how things are moving the way they do. All essential knowledge for every field of engineering and applied science.


Have fun experimenting with chemical reactions in complete safety! Prove the laws of physics and discover how lever and gear mechanisms work by building real working machines! The extensively illustrated manual guides your child through all the steps of this game. Best suited for those who wish to submit as Physics-Science in School/College. Easy to understand the working model with a study report in printed form.


Physics and Engineering : It is Great For STEM Learning – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; rather than teach the four methods as separate and individual subjects, STEM consolidates them into an interconnected learning standard based on real-world applications. These engineering toys and kits will provide hours of discovery for kids and adults! Observe amazing chemical reactions like a true scientist, science has never been cooler! Not to mention, these toys are an excellent way to see how physics applies to objects in real life. It can help make it difficult to understand topics more accessible and interesting.


Includes 50+ pieces including safety goggles, a 32-page experiment guide, and a step-by-step illustrated


14-page assembly manual


Made in Italy.


Content is approved by the Science Museum.


Recommended Age:


Age: 8+

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