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Science In The Lab


Science In The LabScience In The Lab
Science In The Lab
Science In The Lab
Science In The Lab

Science In The Lab

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Science In The Lab: Kids will love this introduction to science subjects and hands-on learning and fun.

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Science In The Lab: Get ready to feel like a real researcher! A science lab kit packed with everything you need for 150 amazing experiments and become a great scientist! Kids will love this introduction to science subjects and hands-on learning and fun. Laboratory experiences are essential for students in many science courses. Students with disabilities will need to have access to the physical facility, equipment, materials, safety devices, and other services.


Nothing stokes a love of science like amazing experiments performed with real lab equipment, and this incredible kit gives you everything you need for more than 150 scientific activities!


You’ll love investigating the mysteries of our world by sitting down in front of this professional-looking lab. Peek through a microscope with a powerful 300x lens to see even the smallest details of specimens, give substances a whirl in the centrifuge to see how they separate, and carefully get pouring and exploring with your beakers and test tubes. This kit comes complete with a stand that holds your equipment for you and a 64-page illustrated manual that will guide you through experiments in chemistry, forensics, genetics, biology, forensic genetics, and microbiology. Allowing the student extra time to set up a lab or complete the work can provide an effective accommodation for some students with disabilities. This may allow more time to focus on procedures and results and eliminate the stress that may result from time constraints.


STEM learning stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. It is a comprehensive, holistic approach to modern learning. STEM learning encourages kids to explore their world with experimentation, hands-on learning, and critical thinking skills. This interdisciplinary approach to learning and playing is an effective way for kids to get engaged in these subjects early on in life, inspiring tomorrow’s leaders.


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Age: 8+


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