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Sick Science Color Chem


Sick Science Color Chem

Sick Science Color Chem

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Sick Science Color Chem Amaze your eyes and your mind with the simple yet magnificent powers of chemistry…

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Sick Science Color Chem: Amaze your eyes and your mind with the simple yet magnificent powers of chemistry. Work your way through the included instructions as your mind gets blown away with nine amazing experiences – Each complete with a QR code you can scan to watch detailed, instructional videos. Best range of science toys to learn and an ideal stem gift.


Start with the goldenrod paper to experience the science behind the colour-changing paper. Learn all about what makes the paper change colours and then start creating hidden messages or even make dripping, “bleeding” paper. The secret? Here’s a hint: A special dye reacts to certain basic chemicals like ammonia water and washing soda. Move onto the next set of experiments where your eyes will be mesmerized by “magically” colour-changing water. Pour a crystal clear liquid into a cup and watch as it instantly turns red. Amazing! – But that’s not all – Pour it into the next cup and it turns crystal clear again!


Sick Science Color Chem: Magic No! – It’s just the brilliant science of acids, bases, and indicators. (But certainly no less amazing!) Then, finally, experience even more colour chemistry as you create your own red cabbage indicator that tests the acidity or alkalinity of various liquids.


From the creative, phat brains at Steve Spangler Science comes an online sensation that takes the coolest science experiences to a new level. With over 100 million views and counting, the insanely popular SICK Science videos challenge inquisitive minds to wonder, discover and explore. Now you can create your own sick science experience at home that’s guaranteed to get ooohs & ahhhs! Ahh, the sweet smell of science! Invite your friends over to share in this super smelly but really cool activity. Plug your nose and get ready to make your own red cabbage indicator that will test the acidity or alkalinity of certain liquids. Watch as you pour a crystal clear liquid into a cup and it instantly turns red. But wait there’s more… Pour the red liquid into the next cup and it turns clear again.


It’s real science you can actually use to test and learn about other chemicals!


How can I learn Human Anatomy with an educational toy?


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Age: 6+

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