Smartivity – Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope


Smartivity - Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope

Smartivity – Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope

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Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope – Relive the spectacle of your childhood with Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope S.T.E.M. Education D.I.Y. Toy making kit.

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Smartivity Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope


Smartivity – Fantastic Optics Kaleidoscope : Introduce your child to an infinite sequence of patterns and a dazzling world of colors. First designed by Scotsman Dr. David Brewster in 1816, a kaleidoscope is not just another toy. It is a portal into the fascinating world of patterns and colors. Used as a source of inspiration by designers and artists, kaleidoscope inspires creativity and introduces your child to the wonders of light, colors and reflection. Give your child a peek into a magical new dimension where colors dance and wonders abound.


Vibrant and colorful, S.T.E.M. Learning D.I.Y. kit opens up a world of patterns and designs for your child. It contains all the elements necessary to build this spectacular device. Just fill the kaleidoscope drum with colorful trinkets included in the kit, and watch your child explore the wonders of light and colors. (includes richly illustrated, easy-to-understand, step-by-step Instruction Booklet).


How does Smartivity benefits your child?


Every Smartivity STEM Educational Construction Activity Toy is designed to inspire your child to be an innovator, a creator and a maker of the future.


Smartivity STEM Educational Construction Activity Toys introduce children to practical applications of fundamental concepts from Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEM), through immersive, play-filled and mind-and-body engaging physical activity.


At Smartivity, our mission is to make your child smarter and confident of her or his ability to make things with their hands and experience ownership and pride in their efforts.


For children who spend too much time watching videos or playing digital game because they are bored, Smartivity STEM Educational Construction Activity Toys keep your child constructively engaged away from smartphones or screens.


Made from high quality engineered wood


Skills Developed: Creativity, Analytical Skills, Motor Skills and Practical Skills.


Recommended Age :


Age: 6+

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