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STEM Box Large


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STEM Box Large


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STEM Box Large has 8 STEM toys to learn few science concepts and build hands on.

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STEM Box Large has enough STEM toys to learn few science concepts and build hands on. The STEM pack Large has 8 science toys.

Magnifying lens – 50mm diameter : The Magnifying lens has magnifying Power of up to 10X.

Balloon race car : Watch your racer speed along using the power of air. Blow up the balloon using the car’s exhaust pipe, let go and watch your balloon racer zoom across the floor!

DIY Racing car F1 Air power : DIY racing car F1 Air power should be the first STEM toy for your child. The toy is based on Newton’s third law of motion

Helicopter Spiral pop top : Helicopter Spiral pop top is perfect outdoor toy for kids which uses the same lift-principle as helicopters.

Speed Rubiks Cube : Speed Rubik’s Cube is a good quality speed 3×3 pattern cube.

Hi Bounce Ball: A rubber super balls styled to the pool table balls. Can bounce up to 10 meters.

Balance Bird : The balancing bird is a toy that has its center of gravity located at the tip of the beak. The center of gravity (also called the center of mass) is a special point on an object.

Coloured Slime : Slime is the kids best friend with creativity.

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