Space and Astronomy Quiz 1 for kids learning - Switched on kids
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Welcome to the Space and Astronomy Quiz 1

Space and Astronomy Quiz : Do you know how many people have landed on moon so far ? What is the size of the universe ?
Let us learn about our vast universe, solar system, galaxies, black holes and everything you want to see using a telescope, globe or planetarium. We have a quiz on our solar system, galaxies, gravitational forces and everything in between.

Quizzing is the best way to learn about the world we live in. We have a range of toys that will help you understand our universe. Try quizzing at least 1 hour every time you meet your friends. Email them a quiz every now and then and when you chat with them next time, ask them a tricky question.

What is Mangalyaan ? How many people have reached moon to till date ?

Is there another earth somewhere on the space ?

Quizzing is fun with

Put yourself to the test and learn some fun facts along the way.

 Space and Astronomy Quiz 1
Space and Astronomy Quiz 1