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Welcome to learn more. Here we share articles, ideas and some funky facts to make learning fun.

We learn by writing. It took me a lot of time to overcome my fear of writing blogs. One day, it just happened. Friends, acquaintances, community responded and commented. The fact that people liked the first blog, made me write more and more.

We learn by writing – Every time, a topic comes to my mind like an idea and i would start writing and research along the way. Writing has taught me :

  1. How to put thoughts in a structure manner.
  2. It’s more about SEO compliance than grammar (pun intended)
  3. The language has to be very simple and
  4. There should be an action item or something to prompt an action.

You are welcome to read a blog, write a blog or simply share a blog. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or a recent experience you had, we would love to hear about it.

We are open to your suggestions on what kind of blogs you like.

What does stem stand for how does it enable the kids learning?

What does stem stand for how does it enable the kids learning? Have you ever heard the word STEM? Do you know what does it mean? STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Ultimately, STEM in school emphasizes problem-solving, critical thinking and innovation. Together they lead the educational industry. With the increase in globalization, knowledge rather […]

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How to Choose Gift for Students?

How to Choose Gift for Students? You have two growing-up kids and are wondering what kind of educational toys would be ideal for them. If that is the case, then you have come to right place. Purchasing toys and gifts for children merely for playing purposes is no longer the norm. That is because competition […]

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Magnetic Building Blocks: Let Your Child Be The Architect Of their Own World!!

Magnetic Building Blocks: Let Your Child Be The Architect Of their Own World!! Magnet building toys in hand make kids explore the world of wonders. Like science games for kids, magnetic building blocks also offer the track that can take your child to the world of imaginations to do something creative.  Let’s explore some amazing magnet building toys that will give […]

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The RC Motorised robot

The RC Motorised robot The RC robot is a DIY robot building set from Switched On Kids. It has many small parts that can be put together to make the remote-controlled robot. It has everything you will need apart from someone to make it. This set costs $79.95 and was a really fun experience.  This […]

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What are some of the best educational toys for kids?

For many today, the idea of traditional toys seems obsolete – a thing from the good old years though this is not just true. There are still plenty of traditional toys out there – old wooden blocks, wooden pull toys, rag dolls, and the like. You just must know where to find them – or […]

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Science experiment ideas for kids: Help your child explore the world of science!

Looking for some science experiments for kids that can be performed at home? Well, here’re some super cool science experiment ideas to help your child to be scientifically robust? Rock Candy: Introduce the concept of crystallization by helping your kid grow the rock candy in a glass. Make them understand that water can dissolve the sugar crystal when it’s hot. […]

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