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Welcome to learn more. Here we share articles, ideas and some funky facts to make learning fun.

We learn by writing. It took me a lot of time to overcome my fear of writing blogs. One day, it just happened. Friends, acquaintances, community responded and commented. The fact that people liked the first blog, made me write more and more.

We learn by writing – Every time, a topic comes to my mind like an idea and i would start writing and research along the way. Writing has taught me :

  1. How to put thoughts in a structure manner.
  2. It’s more about SEO compliance than grammar (pun intended)
  3. The language has to be very simple and
  4. There should be an action item or something to prompt an action.

You are welcome to read a blog, write a blog or simply share a blog. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or a recent experience you had, we would love to hear about it.

We are open to your suggestions on what kind of blogs you like.

Stem Resources for Teachers !!

4M Fun Mechanics Smart Robot Thesestem toy would help the kid to develop his/her robot by joining the parts and pieces with the help of complete instruction and guidelines, provided. The children will get fascinated by the smart moving robot. It will help the child discover how the robot knows where to go and escape […]

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Magnetic building blocks: Let your child be the architect of their own world !!

Given are some options you can opt for from the category of magnetic building blocks. 28 Pieces UniMag Magnetic building blocks A kit of magnetic blocks helps children to bring their imaginative creativity into real life. It comes with reusable silicone stickers, doors and stairs. Helping a child to build cars, dollhouse and many more […]

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Develop your Child’s Stem skills with exciting educational toys !!

You can choose an extensive stem toys collection, consisting of the following toys: Hover Racer As the name suggests, this Hover Racer toys teaches children fun facts about hovercrafts. It is a perfect choice for a young scientist to cater to their curiosity and challenges them to explore more about science. It’s an excellent opportunity […]

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Sources of Renewable Energy!!!

Presented below are significant sources of renewable energy and how your kids can learn more about it with the aid of toys. Sun Energy Sun is a source of renewable energy because it is an ultimate source of energy from billions of years and will remain. Using solar radiations one can convert energy into electricity. Solar […]

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STEM toys – Excellent way for your kid to enhance his/her innovative, engineering and mathematical skills.

One day while discussing the concept of chemical reactions, measurements like thermometer and scales with my daughter I was wondering if I could help her understand this with live examples, like baking a cake etc which makes it interesting for her. Trying to find out an experimental way to make my kid understand I got […]

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Let Us Learn About Environment…

What is Environment? All the physical surroundings on Earth are called Environment. Air, soil, water, plants, and animals make up the environment. The environment includes living and nonliving part. Main Parts of Environment: The Atmosphere:Is the layer of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases that surrounds the earth. The Hydrosphere: All the oceans and other bodies […]

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