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Welcome to learn more. Here we share articles, ideas and some funky facts to make learning fun.

We learn by writing. It took me a lot of time to overcome my fear of writing blogs. One day, it just happened. Friends, acquaintances, community responded and commented. The fact that people liked the first blog, made me write more and more.

We learn by writing – Every time, a topic comes to my mind like an idea and i would start writing and research along the way. Writing has taught me :

  1. How to put thoughts in a structure manner.
  2. It’s more about SEO compliance than grammar (pun intended)
  3. The language has to be very simple and
  4. There should be an action item or something to prompt an action.

You are welcome to read a blog, write a blog or simply share a blog. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or a recent experience you had, we would love to hear about it.

We are open to your suggestions on what kind of blogs you like.

What to gift your friend on birthday ? Have some gift ideas!

“Switched On Kids offers range of educational aka serious toys for all age groups. Sometimes it’s a good idea to let the user choose the toy / product and give a birthday gift ideas, birthday card and ideas to make it simple and easy.” All gift cards are sent electronically and are secure You can […]

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Five Best Things You Can Witness At the Beerwah Reptile Park in Australia

Have you ever visited a zoo? Well, let us look at the Australian Zoo, which is also popularly known as the Beerwah Reptile and Fauna Park. This wildlife park started with reptiles initially, but these days, you can witness a variety of different animals and birds here. Located on Steve Irwin Way in Beerwah, it […]

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5 Amazing Facts About Dinosaurs, the prehistoric animals!

Dinosaurs were probably the most exciting species to have lived on earth, centuries ago. Gigantic, fearsome and wanderers by nature, some even had feathers which meant they could fly too. Unfortunately, they went extinct 65 million years ago due to unknown reasons. Today, we are going to talk about the 5 most amazing facts about […]

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The COVID 19 pandemic has forced schools to shut down globally, but it hasn’t been able to stop the process of learning and education amongst children. Homeschooling is the norm today as parents are saving on travelling time and spend more quality time with their kids. Every change comes with its own set of challenges like […]

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How to improve your skills with Educational Toys ?

HYDRAULICS SCIENCE :- Build a hydraulic platform and investigate Pascal’s law.Hydraulics is a technology and applied-science using engineering, chemistry, and other sciences involving the mechanical properties and use of liquids.In its Fluid power applications, hydraulics is used for the generation, control, and transmission of power by the use of pressurized liquids. Hydraulic topics range through some parts of science and most of engineering […]

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What Is Stem Education And Why Is It Important?

STEM Series Toys Engino Inventor – 90 Models Motorized Set brings complex concepts into clear focus for budding engineers and scientists with award winning components and step by step illustrated assembly instructions. Build 90 Motorized Models using the included and online 3D rendered instructions. ENGINO STEM Robotics ERP Mini Robot Kit includes software for private […]

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