Switched On Kids : STEM toys and Educational toys to make Learning fun

75% of jobs require STEM skills, Our toys make learning fun.Learning while playing

Educational toys encourage parent child, teacher child, caregiver child and interaction among siblings. Child interactions with adults help developing emotional quotient of the child and help them in their teens and later part of life. Educational toys help build interaction.

Toys for all age groups

Kids learn social, ambulatory and cognitive skills during their play time. One of the biggest challenges for modern day parents is juggling time between work, parenting, their own personal life and social activities. Playing with educational toys help the child to come up with ideas and be creative

What Parent Share


School holidays are fun for more than half of the involved people (other halves comprise parents). Parents crave for their time and peace of mind and kids, being full of energy and ideas need time and attention.

Summer holidays keep kids away from learning and they avoid studying and enjoy playing. Toys are best way to teach kids concepts of science and mathematics.
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