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Toys for 3-5 Years

3-5 is the formative age when a child wants to explore everything around them. They are super curious and have a lot of ‘Whys’. They want to know answer to every question and we as parents should keep this inquisitiveness alive. Our categories of toys for 3-5 year kids include construction toys, magnetic building blocks, robot toys, gifts. Our toys make best gifts for 3 to 5 year olds.In today’s fast paced / screen addictive life, parents should take time out to play and perform activities with the kids. Kids learn most in this age and their brain is like a huge sponge that will absorb everything they see, do or ask.
Find out if you your child likes anatomy (Doctor), astronomy, engineering, science, fossils by choosing to give the best educational / STEM toys for 3-5 year old from Switchedonkids.

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