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Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit


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Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

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Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit

Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEAM education. It contains dozens of different electronic modules such as LED panels

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Makeblock Neuron Inventor Kit


Makeblock Neuron is a programmable electronic building block platform for STEAM education and Learning Toys. It contains dozens of different electronic modules such as LED panels, cameras, sensors, ultrasonic, and motors. Through simple combinations, various creative inventions can be created. With the easy-to-use flow-based programming software, the neuron can be “active” without complex code programming to bring concepts and ideas to life.


The Neuron system offers over 30 electronic blocks, including a voice sensor, light sensor and infrared sensor. As they play with the blocks, creating and inventing new uses, the children receive all sorts of audio, visual and somato sensory stimuli. This playful interaction encourages children to stay focused and learn the scientific principles behind various phenomena, which in turn can inspire even further creativity.


The Neuron blocks can all be linked together using magnetic Pogo pin[1] connectors. This patented interface ensures that links are safe and fast. It also prevents modules from being connected the wrong way. Children can link different blocks in an instant. They can even match Neuron with other everyday stuffs to create voice-activated lights, remote-controlled model cars that steer clear of obstacles and loads of other fun and interesting gadgets.


Neuron is a treasure trove of functions. Every imaginable combination of input and output blocks can be activated in offline mode. With over 30 blocks, children can use the platform to create over 100 different, interactive combinations. And none of them require coding – all children have to do is snap the electronic blocks together and see where their imagination takes them! With its incredible user-friendliness, Neuron puts no limits on children’s creativity and experimentation.


The Neuron platform is bundled with the Neuron App: a flow-based programming application. With a ‘drag and drop’, a click and a conjoining line, children can set a new Neuron project into motion in a matter of seconds. This simple procedure immediately triggers visual feedback from Neuron – making it easier for children to understand the results of their actions. Interacting with Neuron blocks is easy as cake – even for users who have never coded in their life.


Neuron also supports mBlock 5, a graphic programming language developed based on Scratch3.0 [2]. This language is so easy to use that anyone who can read is actually able to code – it’s as simple as putting blocks together.


A range of how-to videos teach children the basics of the Neuron system. And the Neuron App’s step-by-step video tutorials help them on their ways. Neuron’s learning program is supported by loads of Idea Cards for new software and hardware applications. Special manuals show you how to perform various scientific experiments. Starting with simple replication, Neuron gradually moves towards original, boundless invention. This encourages children to keep exploring and unlocking their creative potential.


Recommended Age:


Age: 8+

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  1. Guido Bechtelar

    Really Good Toy to Learn!

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