Get these entertaining brain games to activate cognitive thinking in kids!
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Brain games

Get these entertaining brain games to activate cognitive thinking in kids!

Posted On March 7, 2022 at 6:18 pm by / No Comments

Mind stimulation and development is important. But, it’s pretty challenging to get your kids realise the value of mind-stimulating activities. They always want to protest and watch controversial cartoons. 

That’s the instance where you don’t have to resign or force your kids to participate in activities they don’t want to do. Instead, you should provide them opportunities to stimulate their brains through fun activities and brain games. 

This blog will discuss how important brain games are for kids and which brain games and STEM activities are best for kids. 

Importance of STEM brain games

Here’re some benefits of brain games and STEM activities. Such games

  • Promote brain stimulation and enable your kids to think unique. 

  • Encourage creativity, analytical thinking and problem solving

  • Boost attention, concentration and memory

Some mind-boggling brain games 

  1. Xtreme Bots 

Xtreme Bots allow your young scientists to build their own robots. They can creatively learn computer programming. So, let your little angles become computational thinkers while having loads of fun with these amazing Xtreme Bots. 

  1. Maths Dice Game

Maths is a boring subject for most kids. But this Math Dice game will change your kids’ perspective about Maths. It is a fun way to enhance their maths skills and learn addition, subtraction, division and multiplication. 

  1. Colour and Shape Sorter

Beautiful colours attract kids, and they always want to know about colourful things. The Colour and shape sorter game is designed based on their curiosity about diverse colours and shapes. This multitasking sorter promotes matching, spatial relationships and hand-eye coordination. 

But where will you get all these brain games? Visit Switched on kids now and get engaging brain development toys for your kids. Besides brain games, we also offer a diverse collection of STEM activity kits. These STEM education toys help children develop their cognitive skills, contributing to their success. 

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