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Welcome to learn more. Here we share articles, ideas and some funky facts to make learning fun.

We learn by writing. It took me a lot of time to overcome my fear of writing blogs. One day, it just happened. Friends, acquaintances, community responded and commented. The fact that people liked the first blog, made me write more and more.

We learn by writing – Every time, a topic comes to my mind like an idea and i would start writing and research along the way. Writing has taught me :

  1. How to put thoughts in a structure manner.
  2. It’s more about SEO compliance than grammar (pun intended)
  3. The language has to be very simple and
  4. There should be an action item or something to prompt an action.

You are welcome to read a blog, write a blog or simply share a blog. Whether it’s sharing knowledge or a recent experience you had, we would love to hear about it.

We are open to your suggestions on what kind of blogs you like.

Solar toy review by Zoe

  Kids love toys and so did Zoe. She was given 14 in 1 Solar robot  to play with and asked to review by Life FM. Zoe loved the experience and found it just challenging enough without being discouraging. Her parents loved that it engaged her brain but also had her spending time with her older […]

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Education = School + Social Activities + Toys

Education School Social activities Toys School education is only 25% of a child’s learning. Findings of a recent study in Australia : It has been estimated that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and knowledge. There is a big decline in participation and attainment in these subjects in Australia, […]

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Let’s Learn About Our Body Parts

Let’s Learn About Our Body Parts Human body is the most amazing machine ever created. Our body is made up of trillions of neurons, cells which carry ‘information’, food, oxygen in the body. There are 206 bones and 78 major organs in a human body. Or more bones in a tyrannosaurus. You don’t have to […]

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Learning How Kids Will Love to Play with Their Toys

Learning How Kids Will Love to Play with Their Toys Kids are priceless treasures for their parents, hence they try to provide the children with everything they need to make them comfortable and happy. They want to provide them with the best toys that will also inculcate a learning experience while they play. Most parents try […]

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Human Skeleton

So we all know the basic parts of the human skeleton; the skull, the ribs and the spine. But there’s so much more to this wonderful biological creation that is, literally the building block of our whole body. The bones in the skeleton support the muscles, protect the organs and give us humans a defined […]

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How Does Solar Energy Provide Electricity?

Understand Solar Energy and Practical Application Solar cells depend on a solar array that uses photovoltaic cells (PV cells) to convert sunlight into electricity. Solar thermal energy first converts solar energy to heat which then is converted to electricity. PV cells directly convert sunlight into electricity. When sunlight (photons) strike PV cells, they excite electrons and allow them to flow, […]

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