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Education = School + Social Activities + Toys

Posted On March 10, 2016 at 1:23 pm by / 11 Comments

Education School Social activities Toys

School education is only 25% of a child’s learning.

Findings of a recent study in Australia :

Education School Social activities Toys
Education School Social activities Toys
  • It has been estimated that 75% of the fastest growing occupations require science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) skills and knowledge. There is a big decline in participation and attainment in these subjects in Australia, hence the focus.
  • School education is limited to the course curriculum. We need to move beyond the syllabus and teach kids what they cannot learn usually in school
  • Children spend a lot of time on Ipads, televisions and Mobile phones, which strains their eyes. This time on the screen should be limited and monitored.
  • Parents are too occupied with their work and are not able to give their children time to support learning along with school education.

Kids learn social, ambulatory and cognitive skills during their play time.

One of the biggest challenges for modern day parents is juggling the time between work, parenting, their own personal life and social activities. The big question is :

How to make better use of your time and support your child’s education ?

How about :

  1. Create a time chart comprising activities done by your child.
  2. How much time is spent on screen (including TV, smart phone, Wii etc)
  3. Create a list of toys your child plays with.
  4. From activities 1-3 calculate how much time is spent in actual learning / doing activities that support education ?

Now let’s look for opportunities to complementing your child’s education. It be done by :

  1. Taking him/her to the library and spending some quality time reading
  2. Taking him/her to a social group to enhance their social interaction ?
  3. Buying toys like telescopes, microscopes, solar motion toys, kitchen experiments to keep their curiosity alive.
  4. Play with them with an Engino or a Lego and build something new ?
  5. Try pictionary and you will see how creative your child is.
Education School Social activities Toys
Education School Social activities Toys

And be ready to be AMAZED !!


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11 thoughts on “Education = School + Social Activities + Toys

    1. Thank you Missy Burson. Let us know if you like any particular toy or you want us to write a blog on any particular topic. If you have a blog you want to share on the website, please let me know.

  1. I don’t have children of my own, but its good to know that if I did, I’d have ways to help educate them! So awesome that they’re are multiple tools and strategies to educate children, while teaching them to love learning as well!

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