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Solar toy review by Zoe

Posted On September 2, 2016 at 9:48 pm by / 1 Comment

14 in 1 solar toy_1


Kids love toys and so did Zoe. She was given 14 in 1 Solar robot  to play with and asked to review by Life FM.

Zoe loved the experience and found it just challenging enough without being discouraging. Her parents loved that it engaged her brain but also had her spending time with her older brother and dad to get some extra help during construction.

Kitandpete from the breakfast show asked Zoe, “what did she learn after playing with the toy”. Zoe learnt about solar energy and how robots work. It is pleasing to see that our motto of ‘learning while playing’ is being achieved.

Spring is already in Australia and our range of solar toys are the best investment in kids. Let us suggest you follow :

  1. Select a toy, there are reasonably priced toys like 6-1 solar educational toy under $20. or DIY solar eco house
  2. Find a day with lot of sunlight, preferably a Saturday
  3. Reserve 3 hours for a date with your child
  4. Send a date invite to your son/daughter
  5. Spend 3 hours putting a solar toy together
  6. Share your experience, learning and images on switchedonkids facebook page, Instagram

Happy dating with solar toys and your child.

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