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Mini human skeleton


Mini human skeleton

Mini human skeleton

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Mini human skeleton model with durable parts and a sturdy stand.
Skeleton stands 50cm tall.
Ages 8+ years

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Mini human skeleton


Mini human skeleton : This miniature anatomical skeleton features a movable jaw on springs, removable calvarium, removable arms and legs, and so packs lots of detail. The skeleton is mounted on a metal rod that rises from the base and the pelvis of the skeleton fits onto this.


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Mini human skeleton model with durable parts and a sturdy stand


Skeleton stands 48cm tall.


What is the human skeleton?


So we all know the basic parts of the human skeleton; the skull, the ribs, and the spine. But there’s so much more to this wonderful biological creation that is, literally the building block of our whole body. The bones in the skeleton support the muscles, protect the organs and give us humans a defined structure, all 206 of them.


The skeleton of an adult human consists of 206 bones. It is composed of 270 bones at birth, which decreases to 206 bones by adulthood after some bones have fused together. It consists of 80 bones in the axial skeleton (28 in skull and 52 in torso) and 126 bones in the appendicular skeleton (32 x 2 in upper extremities including both arms and 31 x 2 in lower extremities including both legs). Many small and often variable bones, such as some sesamoid bones, are not included in this count.


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Age: 8+

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