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Holidays are fun or may be NOT :)

Posted On January 5, 2017 at 1:09 pm by / 16 Comments

Holidays Are Fun


School holidays are fun for more than half of the involved people (other halves comprise parents). Parents crave for their time and peace of mind and kids, being full of energy and ideas need time and attention.

Summer holidays keep kids away from learning and they ‘avoid’ studying and ‘enjoy’ playing. Toys are best way to teach kids concepts of science and mathematics.

Holidays Are Fun
Holidays Are Fun

Does your child like dinosaurs ? Or space and astronomy ? Or want to be a doctor ? Does renewable energy fascinates him/her ? Let us make learning fun for our children.


16 thoughts on “Holidays are fun or may be NOT :)

  1. We try to make learning fun for our kids. We also follow through on checking the work/homework they do, showing that we care about what they are doing in school

  2. I agree that we need to relate to our kids in the learning sphere. I know summers kids “take a break,” but as a librarian I guess I believe learning should happen maybe through fun ways even in those summer down times.

  3. I remember my mom used to have us do math and grammar worksheets during the summer holidays so we could keep learning even when school was out. I used to hate it but now I see the value in continuing to learn during the holidays

  4. I always try to make homework time fun for my son. Works most of the time. I find that teaching him in a fun way is more effective than just studying in a boring way. Pictures, drawing and fun activities help a lot.

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