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4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm


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4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm
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4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm

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Learn the science of connecting a circuit and build your very own kick wire door alarm. Install it on your bed room door and stop those unwanted intruders…

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4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm: teaches the science of connecting a circuit and building your very own kick wire door alarm. Install it on your bedroom door and stop those unwanted intruders. The alarm has a cyber-look transparent casing; this cool spy gadget will keep out those pesky snooping siblings.


Do you have a toy stealing sibling !!! or sneaky snoopers who climb in your bed. Make their thing of the past with this 4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm.


Learn about circuitry and electronics and create a cool gadget at the same time from this science kit. Everything you need to create a futuristic, cyber-look wire trip door alarm is included; just add a couple of batteries and a Philips head screwdriver and away they go!


4M Kidzlabs Intruder Alarm works by adhering to the inside of their bedroom door. A tripwire sticks to the jam, and will sound a loud, piercing alarm if the door is opened. This science experimental kit also includes a blank door sign to hook to the outside doorknob, so they can warn snoopers of the fate that awaits them.


Learn the science of connecting an electrical circuit. Make a robot kit with a door buzzer and place it behind your door. Stop intruders entering your room. Contains detailed instructions and fun facts. This type of science kit for kids helps them to be aware of things in the real world.


Easy instructions and easy to assemble pieces make the Do It Yourself Intruder Alarm Kit they’ll be truly excited to receive.


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  • Includes everything you need to make your own intruder alarm!

  • Great for kids who want to learn about electricity and circuits

  • Affix it to your door and never have someone peek into your room again!

  • Includes a customizable door sign so you can warn people not to enter


Recommended Age

Age: 8+


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