The time period taken ! Space and Astronomy Quiz 17 - Switched on kids
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Welcome to the Space and Astronomy Quiz 17

The time period taken by the satellite to complete one orbit is called ________ Play with Space and Astronomy toys and keep learning. Let us see if you know who the first person to land on moon was. Try this quiz to learn more about the first mission to the moon. We have a Mars scope and Planetarium which you can play with to learn about moon and our huge universe.
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Quizzing is the best way to learn about the world we live in. We have a range of toys that will help you understand our universe. Try quizzing at least 1 hour every time you meet your friends. Email them a quiz every now and then and when you chat with them next time, ask them a tricky question.

What is Mangalyaan ? How many people have reached moon to till date ?

Is there another earth somewhere on the space ?

Quizzing is fun with

Put yourself to the test and learn some fun facts along the way. And don’t forget to learn more.