Develop your Child’s Stem skills with exciting educational toys !!

Develop your Child’s Stem skills with exciting educational toys !!

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You can choose an extensive stem toys collection, consisting of the following toys:

  • Hover Racer

As the name suggests, this Hover Racer toys teaches children fun facts about hovercrafts. It is a perfect choice for a young scientist to cater to their curiosity and challenges them to explore more about science. It’s an excellent opportunity to teach them how to assemble toys and how they function.

  • Crystal Growing kit

A kit will give a hypothetical hand on experience to grow crystals like the scientist grow in labs. By adding non-toxic chemicals together, they can produce different crystals and see the beauty of crystals growth. The kit includes special-cased glasses to preserve the crystals. Complete instructions about the procedure are provided inside the package.

  • Magnetic Science kit

Magnet science kit includes ten magnets with the science project to guide them to make different tools out of magnets and learn the art of magnetic field or magnetism. Kids can make super magnet racer, a yacht compass or a mysterious dangler and many more things.

  • Box Robot – Green Science

Box Robot as the name indicates turns a box into an eco-engineering robot that can walk, hop and stomp. It is one of the great Stem toys as it instills the idea of the use of recycling in children.
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Stem Toys are Science, Engineering, and Math-related toys geared towards promoting learning and invoking curiosity. If you want your child to start grasping soft skills gradually from his/her early life than make sure to buy your children stem learning toys.
So, what are you waiting for?

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