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Stem Resources for Teachers !!

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4M Fun Mechanics Smart Robot

Thesestem toy would help the kid to develop his/her robot by joining the parts and pieces with the help of complete instruction and guidelines, provided. The children will get fascinated by the smart moving robot. It will help the child discover how the robot knows where to go and escape different obstacles.

4M Eco-Engineering Build Your Own Wind Turbine

Stem resources give children hand on experience by engineering pieces to make the turbine out of it. Learn how the wind is captured and is turned to electricity. This is one of the great resources to inculcate the sense of renewable energies in children’s mind.

Rubber band plane (Pack of 20)

Science kit for kids, i.e. rubber band plane is made of rubber bands, easy to make without any glues or tools. Just join the bands as per instructions and experience the aeronautics of the aeroplane.

Chemistry 1000

As the name suggests these stem resources involve your kids to do various experiments like changing the colour of solutions, making crystals, to inflate a balloon and different chemical reactions. Hence, opening their mind to science world.

Stem stands for science, technology, engineering and math. Stem resources consist of different ideas, lessons and activities for your child to learn about the world through the knowledge of science and technology. We present you some super useful and fun learning stem resources for teachers so that they can make their learning classes fun for their students.

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