4M – Green Science – Salt Powered Robot


4M - Green Science - Salt Powered Robot

4M – Green Science – Salt Powered Robot

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4M Green Science – Salt Powered Robot : Powering the world with salt water, one robot at a time!
Peek into the future of clean energy!

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4M Green Science – Salt Powered Robot


Powering the world with salt water, one robot at a time! Peek into the future of clean energy! Build your own miniature robot racer powered by salt water! A great robotics kits for kids to have a knowledge of science kits and make your robot at home.


The 4M Salt Water Power Robot Kit provides all the materials needed to assemble this environmentally-friendly, non-toxic robot.


When your robot is completed, insert the included aluminium and carbon sheets and simply add salt water. No batteries required!


Watch gleefully as your mini robot whizzes across your floor! Being a robotics kit for kids the kit supplies two sets of battery sheets. Each set will power the robot continuously for up to an hour. Or, stop the robot before the energy is drained by removing the battery from the battery case. Wash, separate and dry the sheets and reuse the battery sheet another time. Additional battery sheets can be ordered from the manufacturer.


Detailed, illustrated instructions also include the science behind aluminium-air batteries and interesting “fun facts.”


Teach alternative energy the kid-friendly, fun way with Salt Water Power Robot! Great for science fair projects too!


Salt Water Robot is a 4M Green Science Kidz Labs product. Green Science kits encourage environmental awareness by introducing kids to green concepts such as repurposing, up cycling and alternative energy in a fun, do-it-yourself way. Can also be gifts for 9 year olds.




Box Size: 8.5? x 6.5? x 2.25?


Box Weight: 0.29 lbs


Completed Miniature Robot Racer measures 4 inches




1 Chassis


1 Battery Holder


1 Battery Base


1 Battery Lid


2 Arms


1 Upright


1 Pivot


Motor with Wires and Contacts


Axle with Gear and Wheels


Axle and Wheels


2 Sets Battery Sheet (Aluminium sheets, Fabric sheets, Carbon sheets)


1 Dropper


2 Screws


Illustrated Instructions






Table Salt




WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – SMALL PARTS. This kit contains small pieces and is not suitable for children under 3 years of age.


Recommended Age :


Ages: 8+


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