4M – KidzRobotix – Brush Robot


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4M - KidzRobotix - Brush Robot4M - KidzRobotix - Brush Robot
4M - KidzRobotix - Brush Robot
4M - KidzRobotix - Brush Robot
4M - KidzRobotix - Brush Robot

4M – KidzRobotix – Brush Robot

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4M – KidzRobotix – Brush Robot:- Ever wonder why mad scientists have crazy hair? Well, now you can find out!

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4M – KidzRobotix – Brush Robot


This brush robot mechanics kit will be a popular choice for Mom to use once the budding scientist of the house has built it! Your child will have fun and be suitably educated on how things work at the same time. Once complete this really is an effective, clever piece of kit with its rapid vibrations that are produced by the strong motor. This is another great offering from 4M who excel in delivering quality, thought-provoking kits for both children and adults.


Ever wonder why mad scientists have crazy hair? Well, now you can find out! Follow along with the exceptionally detailed instructions to quickly and easily assemble your new Brush Robot. Pop in the batteries, switch on the motor, and watch it go!


Googly eyes go wild while the black bristles scoot crazily across the table – Amazing!


Then, read on further through the manual to learn all about how your new vibrobot works plus all kinds of interesting facts.


Did you know brush via robots is often used to explore blocked pipes? Their bristles can go past obstructions that would normally stop wheels.


Easy to build, exciting to see, and enlightening to explore, the Brush Robot gets kids jumping, moving, and cheering for science!


And who knows – After just a few uses, your hair might start to stand up frizzy and white too.




Kit to build a brush vibrobot


Promotes analytical thinking, problem-solving, interest in technology


A fun robot-building experience young mad scientists will love


Hassle-free assembly – Instructions exceptionally detailed, easy to read


Bristles scoot smoothly across any smooth surface


Features fun googly eyes to add delightful character


4M – KidzRobotix – Brush Robot : Includes motor cover, baseplate, holder for small brush, bracket for large brush, battery case with case cover, adhesive foam, 2 bolts and nuts, 2 terminal caps, 2 moving eyes, the motor with a rotor attached, large brush, small brush, 9 screwdrivers, 2 eye backs, 2 wires for eyes.


Detailed instructions included:


Requires 2 AAA batteries – Not included


High-quality materials for the exceptional robot-building experience.


Recommended Age:


Age: 8+

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