Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry Kit for Kids


Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry Kit for Kids

Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry Kit for Kids

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Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry : Heebie Jeebies 1310 Ferro fluid Lab Chemistry. Make your very own ferromagnetic fluid and experiment..

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Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry :


Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry Kit for Kids : Heebie Jeebies 1310 Ferro fluid Lab Chemistry. Make your very own ferromagnetic fluid and experiment with magnets with this easy-to-use test tube kit.


Ferromagnetic fluid will naturally align itself with the magnetic field of the object it comes in contact with. Bring the included magnet close to the fluid within the tube and see what it does.


Ferromagnetic fluid led to the production of rocket fuel that could be used in a weightless environment by applying a magnetic field.


Ferrofluid Lab Chemistry :  This science kit gives you everything you need to complete 5 unique magnetic experiments. Make magnetic putty, play with ferro fluid and explore fields and polarities.


Looking for a fun new educational activity for the kids? This awesome Ferro fluid Chemistry Lab is the perfect way to bring STEM learning to life!


Use the magnets, ferrofluid, putty and iron fillings to create different scientific experiments including magnetic putty.


It includes a rack to hold the three mini test tubes while you conduct your experiments. It’s a fun activity to help with STEM learning without actually feeling like you’re learning!


A colloid is formed by suspension of particles in a liquid. If the particles are small enough, they do not settle out of the liquid, and a stable colloid is formed. Homogenized milk is an example of a colloidal suspension – insoluble fat is broken up into very small particles that scatter light, making the milk appear white.


If the fat particles are large enough to agglomerate, then the cream will separate out from the water-rich whey, as occurs in non-homogenized milk. A ferrofluid is a colloid made up of small magnetic particles suspended in a solution. Of course, the magnetic particles will be attracted to each other. In order to prevent agglomeration, the particles must be very tiny (about 10 nm in diameter) so that motion due to thermal energy is large enough to disrupt any attractive forces between particles, and also large enough to overcome the force of gravity, which would otherwise cause the particles to precipitate.


A great educational gift for kids!




5 unique science experiments


Make magnetic putty!


Great science gift for kids




Inclusions: Mini test tube rack, 3 x tubes (magnet tube, ferro tube, putty & iron fillings)


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Ages: 8+


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