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Sciencewiz Cells


Sciencewiz CellsSciencewiz Cells
Sciencewiz Cells
Sciencewiz Cells
Sciencewiz Cells

Sciencewiz Cells

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Sciencewiz Cells: Create a high-powered microscope to complete experiments and learn all about cells!

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Sciencewiz Cells


Create a high-powered microscope to complete experiments and learn all about cells!


Explore the world of Lilliputian ants or learn about plant and animal cells with this amazing ScienceWiz Cells science kit. Convert your mobile device by just clip on it into a high-performance microscope to view and photograph the hidden world of cells, with no focusing needed! All living things on this planet are made of cells. Discover them all around you in the world, including your own cheek cells.


This kit comes with unlimited project ideas and is perfect for young scientists, including creating a wet mounted slide, examining various living cells under magnification and learning the roles of different cells. The clip-on microscope provides 100-300x optical magnification, and up to 1000x digital. Take a snapshot of plant cells, watch single-cell critters swim, and discover what makes a cell a cell. ScienceWiz Cells Under a Microscope Kit


A light source is included in this kit along with an educational guide with projects and everything else you need to look very closely at the building blocks of life!


With this kit, you’ll also receive free access to the ScienceWiz online learning portal!


Parts Included:


ScienceWiz Cells kit. A light source is also included. Smartphone or tablet camera required for magnifier (not included). Digital magnification strength depends on the quality of the camera on the mobile device.


1 x Clip-on microscope


1 x Attachable light source


1 x Magnifier (100-300 x optical and 400-1000 x digital)


Microscope slides






Small vials


40-page book


Projects Included:


Prepare wet-mount slides by slicing and staining the materials.


Examine semi-transparent onion cells, bugs, cheek cells, and pond scum under your microscope.


Discover the differences between different types of cells and what the functions of each organelle are.


WARNING: Choking Hazard Small Parts. Not for children under 3 years.


Recommended Age:


Age: 6+


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