Super sand 500gms resealable bag (sand color)


Super sand 500gms resealable bag (sand color)

Super sand 500gms resealable bag (sand color)

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Super sand 500gms resalable bag (sand color): This incredible sand is moldable, shapeable and an amazing tactile experience.


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Super sand 500gms resalable bag (sand color)


This incredible sand is moldable, shapeable and an amazing tactile experience.  It is great for working on fine motor skills and also for sensory seekers that just love to squash and squeeze things. Super Sand Super Sand Super Sand 150×150


There are heaps of activities you can try with the sand such as building, treasure hunting, writing practice, creative and pretend play – the options are endless!


Sculpt, mould or shape this super shape sand into your own creation. Super sand will hold together for some time then slowly break up again in order to create something new.


The product is water soluble so please be mindful not to combine with water or liquid. This product is non-toxic however it is NOT intended to be eaten or placed in the mouth, eyes, nose or ears.


Stretch it, smash it, squeeze it, sculpt it. Create any shape you want. Press into a mold. Roll it into a ball. Stretch it out like ooey-gooey bubblegum, without any sticky residue left on your hands. ElastiSand is an excellent way to entertain your child and build the small muscles in their hands and fingers. Soft, solid, stretchy, and silly. This is what master manipulation is all about!


What’s more satisfying than playing with squeezy, slimy, sandy goop, that isn’t messy? Kids don’t care about icky, sticky hands, tables, or floors, but we know you do! That’s why we created ElastiSand––the play solution that’s better than silly puddy, playdough, or other smelly, messy concoctions for kids. Now you can have hours of fun creating shapes and stretching this super dough from one end of the room to the other!


How does science toys add value to the kids learning?


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Age: 6+


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