Ugears STEM Lab Counter


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Ugears STEM Lab Counter

Ugears STEM Lab Counter

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Ugears STEM Lab Counter : Experiment: the model comes with a QR Code to download an interactive Pocket Model Study Guide which includes engaging and interesting tasks..

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Ugears STEM Lab Counter


Ugears STEM Lab Counter : Experiment: the model comes with a QR Code to download an interactive Pocket Model Study Guide which includes engaging and interesting tasks to learn more about how a Counter works.


Immerse yourself in Augmented Reality (AR), find out how the Counter is used in a production line, and interact with it via the dedicated U-gears application.


Ugears STEM Lab Counter : The Counter model registers repetitive actions. It is an integral part of a device called an “Odometer”. The model has three cylinder gears with numbers from 0 to 9 and a Geneva Drive. This combination allows you to see an interesting mechanical feature: when the reciprocating motion of the click-button using the Geneva Drive mechanism turns into the rotary motion of the cylinder gears with numbers. The Counter provides two options of data registering: click-button on the roof of its body, and a turn handle on its side. Pressing the click-button or turning the handle makes the Counter shift by one place. When the count passes 9, the Geneva Drive catches the next register cylinder and adds it to the count. Altogether, the three-digit display of the Counter can register values from 1 to 999. You can open the front panel of the counter and reset it manually. Try counting steps on your way home. Or how many people you meet on a stroll through the park. How about, the number of blue cars passing by your house during one hour? Count stairs at home, at school or at a friend’s house.




These days, counters are used to count the number of passengers, visitors of different
events, cars passing through certain check point, sets and scores in sport, items on a production line, etc.


The mechanism of the Counter is composed of:


Click-button to register values


Cylinder gears with numbers


Geneva Drive


Encourage stem learning acitivities


A Turn handles to register values


Self-assembly from the parts, pulled out from wooden boards, according to easy-to-follow manual instruction. No glue or cutting needed


Model Size: 13.5*6.5*12.2 cm


Number of components: 157


Estimated time for assembly: 2 hours


Assemble the Counter and discover the principle of a working .Three-digit Clicker-Counter


Recommended Age:


Suitable kids building stem kit above age 10 years

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