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Human Anatomy


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Human Anatomy is scientific study of the morphology of adult human. The study how structures function is known as Physiology. To understand the human body, it is necessary to understand the human body parts and their working


  • HUMAN ANATOMY: It focuses on the structure of the human body parts.
  • COMPARATIVE ANATOMY: In this anatomy biologist study and compares similar bodies.


  • CIRCULATORY SYSTEM: This system distributes needed material and removes unneeded ones
  • RESPIRATORY SYSTEM:It helps in gas exchange that takes place in the human body.
  • NERVOUS SYSTEM: It helps to control the activities of the human body
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM: It helps to recognize and destroys the foreign substances in the human body
  • SKELETON SYSTEM: This system is made up of internal skeleton that serve as a main framework for the body.
  • URINARY SYSTEM: This system helps to maintain the normal level of water in the body
  • REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM: It consist of male and female reproductive organ.
  • DIGESTIVE SYSTEM: This system is group of connected organs that break down, digest and absorbs food in to the circulatory system.
  • ENDOCRINE SYSTEM: It exerts its control by means of hormones.
  • MUSCULAR SYSTEM: It is closely associated with the skeleton and consist of muscles and tendons.


The above description introduces the human body to your kid. They will develop an understanding of anatomy as they take apart the body and examine the detachable plastic organs. SOK provides 8pieces,11 pieces of human anatomy toys which will make learning a fun.

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