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Magnetic building blocks: Let your child be the architect of their own world !!

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Given are some options you can opt for from the category of magnetic building blocks.

28 Pieces UniMag Magnetic building blocks

A kit of magnetic blocks helps children to bring their imaginative creativity into real life. It comes with reusable silicone stickers, doors and stairs. Helping a child to build cars, dollhouse and many more things.

Magnet Science Kit

Magnetic Science kit consists of all kinds of magnets to help kids understand the phenomenon of magnetism while having fun, by making magnetic sculpture, mysterious dangler, a super magnet racer and a yacht compass.

Powered kids — Magnet Exploration

To broaden the exposure of your children about the magnetic powers gets them this magnetic exploration kit. Children get the chance to transform the magnet to perform fun experiments, for example, to float a pencil in mid-air or to engineer a personal transporter using the principle of the maglev train etc.

Magnetic Lab

Magnetic Lab kit has some cool tools that will surely fascinate your kid. Perform a fantastic levitating trick or drive a racing car without touching it are some of the things your child can expect.

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The more the freedom to act, the more the child will learn. Science games for kids like magnetic building blocks provide the immense privilege to a child to think indicatively and challenge their own imagination.

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