4M Tin Can Cable Car


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4M Tin Can Cable Car
4M Tin Can Cable Car
4M Tin Can Cable Car

4M Tin Can Cable Car

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. An amazing product.

.  Recycle a soft drink can to make a unique able car.


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4M Tin Can Cable Car is an  amazing product. 4M Tin Can Cable Car is a cool mechanical experiment showing importance of recycling material.

Have you ever ridden in a cable car to reach the top of the mountain? The Tin Can Cable Car Kit uses the same mechanism. So don’t ever throw away your used soft drink can, instead turn it into a unique cable car that you can install in your bedroom or classroom at school! Use the stickers provided to turn a soft drink can into a motor-less transportation system that relies on cables to move along or lower the can at a steady rate! When taking on this engineering challenge with the Tin Can Cable Car, let the children suspend the cable anywhere inside of the house and see how steep they can make your Cable Car climb and watch it run to and fro across the room. What a cool mechanical science project for primary school children.

An amazing product – recycle a soft drink can to make an unique able car. Install it in a room and watch it run to and fro across the room. It’s a cool mechanical experiment.

Make your own cable car to zip along your bedroom or classroom using a recycled soft drink can. This clever STEM kit by 4M Kidz Labz teaches simple machines and the value of recycling.

It includes everything needed to make a motorised cable car, just add a soft drink can! You will assemble everything from the motor, to the support and pulley systems.

Once completed, hang it in your room to send messages and small objects back and forth, up and down for hours!


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