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Buoyant Forces
Buoyant Forces
Buoyant Forces
Buoyant Forces

Buoyant Forces

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Build and decorate your submarine model.

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Buoyant Forces :- Learning outcome: Maritime and sea exploration are highly important for the transportation of goods and people. Learn how ships can float over water due to buoyancy. Understand what is density, how it varies over objects and comprehend that density is a significant factor that determines whether an object will sink or float on a fluid.

Experiment Method Description: Build and decorate your submarine model. Use a sink filled with water to tests its buoyant behavior. Alter its density using a combination of materials such as air, water and investigate whether it will float or sink.

Components: Engino parts, plastic skins, and paper outlines sink with water, plastic bottle, pebbles.

Cover all your STEAM learning bases (and a whole bunch more!) with these 4 awesome buoyancy models!

Engino’s Academy of STEAM includes a Multi-Level Learning System:

Buoyant Forces : Building: First, you’ll cover the building when you put together the model. There are four different models to make, including a submarine and a Polynesian boat!
Next, you can draw new designs for the plastic skins. You can also share your new skins online with other inventors!
Now we’re getting to the business end! Experiment with different techniques to make your models float or sink. Add your own water bottle to test different theories, monitor, and write down your observations.
Finally, take the quiz to show what you’ve learned! Read about the theory of buoyancy and learn some new facts.
The detailed guide and free app offer tips, facts and ways to track your progress.


A great gift to give kids a wide range of skills and bucket loads of fun!


Build 4 different marine models!
A multi-level STEAM learning system
Add your own water bottle to make it float

Inclusions: Laminated surface panels, building pieces, extraction tool, instruction & learning guide
Ages: 8 and older
3-year warranty


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