Speed Rubik’s Cube Pack of 100


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Rubiks cube
Speed Rubik's Cube Pack of 100
Rubiks cube

Speed Rubik’s Cube Pack of 100


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Speed Rubik’s Cube is a good quality speed 3×3 pattern cube.

Product categories: Third-order Cube

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Speed Rubik’s Cube Pack of 100


Speed Rubiks Cube : Do you enjoy speedcubing? Are you a competitive speedcuber? Try the fastest speed cube available to achieve amazing solve times. We think you’ll love it! The best brains at Rubik’s and Gan teamed up in 2016. Their mission? To develop the ultimate speed cube. Fast forward to July 2017… Rubik’s Speed Cube is launched! It’s super fast with a sleek look and smooth touch. Best of all, it turns at a racing pace under your complete control.


Speed Rubik’s Cube is a good quality speed 3×3 pattern cube.


Product categories: Third-order Cube


This is the fastest speed cube we’ve ever created. It emerged from the knowledge, expertise and spirit of two great speed cubing powerhouses: Rubik’s and Gan. We think you’ll agree – the result is a mind-blowing speed cube. Give it a go!


A speed cube is a cube that is great enough in quality to be used in competitions. Therefore it’s the ideal choice for any cuber. Luckily, they are also the cheapest.


Facts about Speed Rubik’s Cube :


The puzzle wasn’t originally intended to be a toy by Erno Rubik.


A Rubik’s Cube has 43 Quintillion possible configurations


It’s the best selling toy of all time


Erno Rubik called it ‘The Magic Cube’


The world record for solving the puzzle is held by a LEGO robot


The winner of the first annual International Rubik’s Championships was 16-year-old Minh Thai, a Vietnamese-American high school student.


The world’s largest Rubik’s Cube weighs over 500kg


The world’s smallest Rubik’s Cube made by Evgeniy Grigoriev. The cube is just 8mm wide but in full mechanical working order.


This guide is the result of a vast research I’ve made, checking all popular cubes, speed cubers opinions, and world-record holders cube choices.


The most expensive Rubik’s Cube is valued at $1.6 million


The Magic Cube was renamed Rubik’s Cube in 1980.


For ages: 3-7 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old, 14-18 years old, 18 years of age


Size: 5.6 * 5.6 * 5.6CM


Recommended Age:


Age: 3+


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