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Tyrannosaurs Rex is often abbreviated as T-REX. In Greek Tyrannosaurs means ‘Tyrant Lizard’ and Rex in Latin means ‘King’. T-Rex is probably the most well-known dinosaur due to its huge size,ferocious nature and regular appearances in films.
Tyrannosaurs Rex lived around 66million years ago which is called Cretaceous Period at western North America. T-Rex walk on two legs, balancing its huge head with a long and heavy tail. It measures up to 13m in length, 4m at the hip and could weigh up to 7tons.


The T-Rex ate flesh of other animals and dinosaurs, there is strong debate about whether T-Rex was a predator (hunt and killed its own food) or whether it was a scavenger (stole food from other predators). Many scientists think that the dinosaur did both.


  • It had a life span of around 30years.
  • Dinosaur have similar features to birds as they are warm blooded like birds rather than cold blooded like reptiles.
  • Its arms were too short.
  • It could approximately eat 500 pounds of meat in single bite.
  • It lay eggs.


From the above you have come to know about T-Rex dinosaur. SOK is providing accurately 51 piece skeleton which, when assembled reproduces a faithful replica with an impressive assembled length of 1 Meter x 40 Centimeter high

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