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Facts about Velociraptor

Posted On October 23, 2018 at 6:29 pm by / No Comments

What is Velociraptor?

Velociraptor  : You may think that Velociraptors must be very fast because that’s what their name tells you. Velociraptor actually means swift robber in Latin. The name velociraptor was made up by a paleontologist named Henry f. Osborn in 1924 when he discovered the fossilized remains of one in Mongolia. Scientist believes that the velociraptor could make quick, stealthy movements to steel things from nests or to kill small animals. However, they weren’t fast because they had little, short turkey like legs and so wouldn’t have been able to keep up with bigger beast.

Facts about Velociraptor

  1. Velociraptor lived in the late cretaceous Period (around 73 million years ago)
  2. The Velociraptor played a large role in the Jurassic Park movies but was often shown inaccurately. Rather than being larger, human sized dinosaur, the Velociraptor was around the size of a Turkey. It is also believed to have had feathers that were not shown in the movies Portrayal.
  3. A fully grown Velociraptor could grow up to 2m (6.6ft) in length, 0.5m (1.6ft) in height at the hip and weight up to 15kg (33lb).
  4. The Velociraptor is thought to have killed its prey with sickle shaped claws on its rear feet.
  5. The first known Velociraptor fossil was found in the Mongolian Gobi Desert in 1922.


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